Health literacy in health care services

Health literacy in the health care setting is the primary focus of my investigation. I have organised visits in a number of hospitals and health care services and I hope to visit others through some of the community groups I have made contact with. I hope to have the opportunity to visit hospitals and health care services that are actively undertaking health literacy activities and to learn about their capacity to do so.

I will pursue the following:

  • ·       The roles of hospital or health services in tacking health literacy
  • ·       What are the common perceptions of the role of health services in improving health literacy
  • ·       What is the hospital doing/what is involved/how do they describe what they are doing
  • ·       What is the hospital/ health service’s  capacity for health literacy programs/ how it is integrated across the service.
  • ·       What quality measures are in place - how is health literacy measured/ programs evaluated/how do they measure the impact of their work
  • ·       Is there a quality department and is it involved in evaluation
  • ·       What evidence based and innovative practice is in place
  • ·       How is the hospital/health service involved in research
  • ·       Relationship to services and universities on this issue.
  • ·       Where would they like to go with HL in their org
  • ·       What are the gaps in their view
  • ·       What programs and activities are transferable?